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   2012 Kodiak Visitor Guide

        Ayakulik River Bear

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The Ayakulik River
The Ayakulik River, located on Kodiak Island is home to the world famous Kodiak brown bear. With an abundant and endless run of salmon entering the river June through September - high concentrations of bears take advantage of this rich food source. A dream come true for all photographers! Photograph and view the bears fishing at the mouth of the river as salmon enter from the ocean waters and along the river’s shoreline following the salmon as they continue upstream. With the lodge being located directly on the river - bear viewing is literally “right outside the front door!”
The Ayakulik River receives the first run of salmon on Kodiak Island with the arrival of  sockeye salmon in mid-May.  This is a long and continous fish run lasting until the first part of September.  A truly unique fish run vs. other rivers in Alaska.  An average yearly sockeye count is 300,000.  King salmon enter the Ayakulik June through July.  Pink salmon enter mid-July to the beginning of September.  Silver salmon enter mid-August through the month of September. 


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   2013 Kodiak Visitor Guide

   Ayakulik River Bear

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Other wildlife viewing our guests are able to appreciate are blacktail sitka deer, bald eagles,
foxes, seals, sea lions and a wide variety of song and shore birds.

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Aya kodiak visitor book 013.jpgHiking Excursions
Endless miles of sandy beach front await the adventurous beachcomber. Mountains reaching elevations of only 1000 feet place one overlooking the entire river system. Lack of brush and no trees on the southwest side of Kodiak Island makes this the perfect terrain for hiking! Numerous wildflowers cover the landscape in every color imaginable.
An Alaskan Adventure For The Entire Family To Enjoy!
¨ Kodiak brown bear viewing and photography
¨ World class salmon fishing
¨ Nature viewing and hiking excursions